The Alleyway Oracles

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The Alleyman returns with THREE brand new decks as one-time printings: the Alleyway Tarot, Oracle of Secrets, and Oracle of Play.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

The Podcast Booster Unlocked! | Ophiuchus | Hints for the Future!
11 months ago – Mon, Jun 05, 2023 at 02:12:16 PM

The AMA was so fun, thank you for joining me for a couple hours on Saturday over on Instagram! We are saving the questions and answers into reels and will share them on Tiktok and elsewhere! Some people requested a youtube video of the whole AMA, and we are putting that together. Will share when it's ready.

And a reminder that the Giveaway is going on over on our socials! Instagram, our Twitter, and our Facebook page. We have seen a couple scammers making fake instagrams and telling people they won to try and scam you into something. Be careful y'all-- we aren't announcing winners until the 12th.

The Podcast Booster!

The Podcast Booster Pack

First off, I have decided to unlock the Podcast Booster now! It was tied to our $625,000 goal, and while I think it's possible for us to reach it in the final 48 hours, I'd rather give people more time to grab a copy. Anyone who backed the Podcast CD Set is getting free copies of this booster, so they do not need to add it to their pledge unless they didn't get the cards in their original pledge. I'll be adding them when we get to Backerkit.

For anyone who missed the Podcast CD Set project, here are 13 Alleyman Lore related cards!

These are the same 13 cards from the Podcast CD Set, but with higher quality cardstock and new card backs! Each card relates to an episode of the first season of the podcast, and overall features Dr. Okoye, 4 (or 5) Alleymen, the in-universe me, Kaylee Sourflowers (illustrated by the actor who played her!), and more! 

I think it's safe to say that the 2nd season will also feature a CD Set and a set of cards, each related to an episode of the show, once it wraps. The next time though, we will get the cardstock right in the CD Set. So it goes.

Ophiuchus and the 7th Art Print

It was always important to me to have an Ophiuchus in the Astrology booster, largely because of the Caretaker's horoscopes on the Normal Horoscopes blog including Ophiuchus, and it being a point of contention for people. Shan Bennion, the incredible artist behind a lot of things I've done and the upcoming Confluence TTRPG in 2024, wanted to do a card. Well, I won't say no.

Ophiuchus Art Print! by Shan Bennion

Because it felt like the sort-of 4th deck of the project, I wanted one of the cards from the one original booster on this project as an art print in the art print set! So we are upgrading the 6-piece Art Print set to the 7-piece Art Print set! We used old Normal Horoscopes posts from tumblr and grabbed Ophiuchus lines to inspire this piece!

The Oracle's Trove

And with those two things out of the way, all the extra items I was expecting to be available are now available. So, it's time for the final Pledge Tier to rule them all.

The Oracle's Trove Pledge Tier

This is a slight discount for all the standard add-ons. Note that you'll still need to add on the Alleyman Statue or Wooden Box-- or indeed the Alleyman's Tarot/Oracle Dice-- if you want them. The 'Special' add-ons are generally not included in pledge tiers. It's $9 off the core items and add-ons (plus the $20 discount of the Oracles Three pledge tier), but more than anything it's meant to just be easier for people coming along on the project to grab most things in a single-go. 

Hints for the Future

I appreciate all the people playing along with the clues. I've also seen a few people disappointed about it, because it's only available to the few who figure it out and are on at the right time. This is just a fun game my friends-- you aren't missing out by not playing if you already got what you wanted in your pledge. I appreciate y'all!

Now, Saturday's update had a poem clue that covered Sunday, Today, and Tomorrow. So I'd like to do this again, and give you all a clue for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday! Remember if you figure out the time, it's Mountain Standard Time. 

Our first visitor will be the Caretaker, gilded and gleaming in gold, bearing the last decks they carry in their bony hands. I've invited them for lunch, and expect them to not be late. These cards have not been available in some time, and should be a treat for those seeking them.

Our second visitors come in a chain, one after another. The Rat chased by the Brat and the Moth, hour by hour, from half past noon. I hear they each bear the decks four among them, the first bearing the first, the second the second, the third the third and fourth. They give them cheaply, but are few in number.

Our third visitor watches the chasing trio with confusion, as he is what the brat and the moth are truly after. He returns as he did the first time on this campaign already, but in the pm rather than the am, with many open slots and quite a reduction in price. 

Alright, that's all for now my friends. Talk again Wednesday where I'll be sharing some more fun!


your pub gob

AMA | Giveaway | Wandering Hints | Live Campaigns!
11 months ago – Sat, Jun 03, 2023 at 04:43:34 PM


Thanks to a quality of life update, we now have a $1 add-on access tier! Anyone who wanted to get on here just to grab an add-on bag or the like can now do so without having to wait until the Backerkit!

The Instagram AMA!

At 5PST/6MST/7CST/8EST, I'll be reading your questions on our Instagram Story, and responding with videos! I've never done this before but I have people showing me how to do it haha. Please come on over to our Instagram and say hi and ask some questions!

The Giveaway!

The Alleyman's Giveaway!

Right now on our Instagram, our Twitter, and our Facebook page, we are hosting a giveaway! We will be revealing winners near the end of the project, so go get on there now to get your chance to win a real haul of items, a massive value that will be no cost for the items or shipping (local taxes or fees may apply).

So if you or a loved one want to get all the goodies but can't afford it, give this a try! We're giving away 3 sets on each of the 3 platforms. That, paired with the wandering pledge tiers and community copies should ensure that we get lots of copies of the new decks out into the world, even for people who couldn't otherwise afford them.

Speaking of wandering pledge tiers...

Wandering Tiers

I noted that we were going to have wandering tiers every day starting from today and on. Today, the Alleyman arrived with all 3 decks for $60 total with 30 slots. Those came and went, but never fear, he will return. I think the next three days should be a fair share. How many of you recall scanning poems in school? It might help you here...

The first of our new visitors is a tricksy lot, 

as many slots as meter allowed to place above.

Yet fresh with imagination abound,

she approaches in the night!

The next is quieter, still--

and she comes this time new

when skies dim, not yet blue

her coffee black, deck too.

And on the next, a queer small friend,

come round this time now, in the night--

Bearing small many colored bones

in a bag besides, still brand new

and cheaper than one might expect!

And in that same day, hours before,

comes the oracle of alleys, we

all so adore. This time, she bears four.

Live Campaigns from Project Contributors!

The Tales and Oracle of Eleven

The Tales and Oracle of Eleven is an anthology and oracle deck created by AmbiSun, creator of cards in our Oracle of Secrets AND our Astrology booster, and Sha Roose. Sha is in charge of researching and writing the stories for Tales of Eleven, a 44-page anthology filled with South East Asian mythology, as well as organizing interviews with our 11 wonderful guest artists. Ambi Sun’s will be in charge of creating all 44 illustrations and fulfilling all other graphic needs, along with running the Kickstarter campaign, manufacturing and fulfilment of the book and deck.

Ambi Sun is a Malaysian-born Graphic Designer and Illustrator. Her illustration style is intricate and often features florals and stars. Merging her fascination with symbolism and love of animals and art, she created the Oriens Animal Tarot deck and A Little Rain Botanical Oracle. Tales and Oracle of Eleven would be her third self-published project.

Sha Roose is a creative PWD living with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Her primary field is Interior Design and Architecture, a labour of love that involves a lot of creation of narratives within the built environment to create habitable space. She enjoys the art of storytelling and has a deep love for her culture which is seen in the labour of life that is the Tales and Oracle of Eleven.

Tome of Mystical Tattoos 2 for DnD 5e!

Our dear friend Natwuns who supplied us with our Hermit in the Alleyway Tarot has a Tome of Mystical Tattoos sequel book with rules for your favorite roleplaying games! I've always loved the idea of magical tattoos in games and fantasy settings, and clearly so do they! They have just 6 days left, so please go give them a look if you play TTRPGs at home!

Frameamajigs shares lovely card display frames for your favorite trading cards!

And Hit Point Press, who supplied our Oracle of Play with both the Jester and Young White Dragon cards has a sister company who is producing really neat card frames that you can store your favorite (or expensive!) hobby cards in! There's no tarot sized frame here, but I imagine many of you also collect other kinds of cards!

I like that it both protects them and preserves them in a fun way to put on the wall. As a person who has played Magic the Gathering for many years, it will be lovely to have some of my favorite cards in my office, since I no longer play much these days.

The Emerald Tarot

The Emerald Tarot by Ritual Divination — Kickstarter

And while I have not yet shared their card, the Emerald Tarot is also a participant in this project, and they have just 15 hours left to make their goal! Can we help bump them to completion? Please take a look if you can, any amount helps get them closer!

Alright, that's all for now! See you in .... Oh boy, very very soon over on Instagram!


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Happy Pride Month ! | $500k | Dice | AMA and Giveaways!
11 months ago – Thu, Jun 01, 2023 at 02:29:01 PM

Hello you amazing supporters!

Happy Pride!

First of all, June is upon us. My birthday is late this month (after the campaign is over), but also this marks the start of Pride Month! As a queer creator, it means a great deal that even in the climate we're in today, there is such a showing of support for queer art! So, Happy Pride to all!


We did it, we unlocked the bonus of $300 to all artists, raising the total of bonus pay to each of them up to $600! This is quite a big jump of support, and I hope we all remember how important every single one of the now 200 artists is to this project. This project could only happen with their support. Last time around I had 20 designs in the decks and only 131 other artists-- this time I've done very few of the designs and instead focused on bringing in more and more other people to showcase their work and include in this project, which is at its core, a platform for the many incredible talents in the field of divination art!

Our next goal is at $625,000. Now, if we stick to about $7,000 a day for the next 12 days, right up to the final 48 hours or so, that would be $84,000. Can we make $41,000 in the final 48 hours to glide our way to that next stretch goal? I think so!

So please share the campaign! If we can keep a smooth $7000 a day, roughly 50 new backers each day, we have a really good shot at unlocking this (likely) final stretch goal! So tell your friends, family, neighbors, mailmen. We have Tarot and Oracles to add cards to, darnit! : )

Dice and the Tulsa Bag!

Now, we've seen the Alleyman miniature that's in the Tulsa add-on bag, but what about the Dice, or the tokens? Maybe the bag? I'd say it's about time the designs for these things come out and be seen already!

The Contents of the Tulsa Bag!

  The Tulsa add-on bag includes 3 Astral Travels Arcade tokens with the above design, 3 new 6-sided dice from fake games, a card with the dice meanings for oracle dice readings, and the 35mm Alleyman Miniature, all in a neon green, see-through Astral Travels Arcade branded plastic bag. The bag used in this mockup is not the actual one, ours is a little more green, but this was the closest I could find.

The New Dice!

Now, I think the Oracle Dice set is already complete. I don't necessarily WANT to add more dice to it. So when I thought about including new dice on this project, I had to come at it from a new angle. It's not about fulfilling the divination portion of the dice, it's about designing the dice as game components, and finding the intuitive meanings found therein to then use them as oracle dice!

These new dice are from: a Fantasy Battle Boardgame like Gloomhaven, with faces like Magic Fire, Bow and Arrow, Sword and Shield, and Devil; a Movement Based Boardgame like Sorry!, with faces like GO>, <BACK, STOMP, and HOME; and a Resource Gathering Boardgame like Catan, with faces like Gems, Books, Wheat, and Bricks.

They will come with a card that helps explain how to read them for oracle dice readings with the rest of the Oracle Dice set, and were lovingly designed off my direction by Amy Smith, the designer of the symbols on the 2nd edition of the other dice. 

I'm really excited about these and can't wait to add them to the set!

AMA & Giveaway

This weekend, our Giveaways are beginning for all kinds of items from this project! Stay tuned to our social medias over on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook starting tomorrow evening. We are giving away everything-- The Alleyway Tarot, The Oracle of Play, The Oracle of Secrets, all unlocked Booster Packs, the three Add-on Bags, Art Prints, and the triangular Wooden Box!

And Saturday at 6PM MST, I will be doing an AMA on Instagram to answer your questions about anything! Basically you ask questions by text and I reply with video clips of me answering! It can be about this project, the original Alleyman's Tarot, Confluence, New Avernus, The Oracle Dice, new stuff, and who knows what else! I'll probably slip in a few readings with the early prints of the Oracles, the Oracle Dice, the Alleyman's Tarot, and more, so definitely come hang out if you can!

And that's all for today!

Friday I'll post the update before the AMA to remind people, and perhaps with the deets on the giveaways, though we'll share those on Friday with social media posts for sure, so be sure to follow us on those!

tata for now,


your pub gob

The Alleyman Approaches | A few new cards!
11 months ago – Tue, May 30, 2023 at 06:07:44 PM

Hello lovelies!~

The Alleyman Approaches

First, the Oracle of the Alley wandering tier came and went the other day, while I had a nice few days off and painted some more miniatures. I hear the slots were grabbed up quite quickly, so let me let you all know that the Alleyman will be here at 7:13am MST on the 3rd.

But now that everyone knows, that will be a hard one to get, I think. So I'm going to triple the slots on it. Maybe that's a good start. But I've also heard some tales of woe from those trying to claim these wandering tiers.

So starting the 3rd, I'm going to invite them all back. Every day after the Alleyman visits, we will have another visitor. Some of these will include items that aren't even being offered in the campaign at all. Like the good little hoarding goblin that I am, I have some stashed away final copies of the Gold Normal Tarot, Silver Normal Tarot, a few sets left of the original 1st edition Oracle Dice, a party card game I never fully released, and more! There will be more clues, and some days there may even be multiple visitors. It should get quite silly for those hunting down the strangers. Thanks for playing along! : )

The Alleyman Statue

Also I can now confirm after some slight edits from our 3-D artist: Victoria Jeffrey (Hit Point Press) on the Alleyman Miniature that the 8" statue now has a big enough base and dedicated slots for 2 tarot cards to fit comfortably beside the Alleyman for you to display or meditate on. I'm so in love with it!

New Cards

3 New Cards!

Coming to the Alleyway Tarot is a new Chariot-- The Vow lives the fantasy of a Knightly Vow, or Vow of Vengeance, for all your Oracle of Play knightly needs and deeds-- and The Gambler thrives on the edge of danger in the Oracle of Secrets.

Now Live! The Lost Forest Tarot
Now Live - The Arcana Prophetia

The Chariot (duplicate) – From The Lost Forest Tarot by Chelsea Santamaria

The Vow – From The Arcana Prophetia by The Aerie Games + Nayth

The Gambler – From The Tarot of Sorts by Jameson Alea (card front), Katy Ketter-Franklin (card back)

See you again soon, when we take a look at the Dice in the Tulsa add-on bag, and we have some other things to look at don't we? New cards, a tarot cloth, a key, coins, tokens!! So many things yet to see, it seems. I also heard something about giveaways...

Alright, talk again soon my friends,


your pub gob

Joining Cards! | Community Copies | Live Campaigns!
11 months ago – Fri, May 26, 2023 at 05:43:37 PM

New Cards for the Decks!

Well hello there, new cards! We have 4 new cards to show off for each of the three decks.  Now, some of you might be confused-- there were only 3 new cards added to each deck, weren't there? You are correct. Eagle eyed folks who have been counting from day 1 might have noticed that all three of the decks were short by 4 cards. There were only 96 cards shown in the Tarot, and 56 each for the oracles. 

Now, the core decks are all revealed. Some cards were stuck in limbo with contracts, some the artist disappeared on before we signed things, and some have come in to replace the lost cards just today. So here we are, with 3 more to reveal for each deck in the very near future.

For now, look for these cards to get added into the website credits listings for the decks and into the deck spread images yet this weekend!

Coming to the Alleyway Tarot:


The King of Oars – From Stardust Wanderer Tarot Creator: Jen Sankey, Artist: Carol Phillips

The Queen of Cups (duplicate) – From WPA Tarot Deck by Bobby Alexander

9 of Pentacles (duplicate) – From Dark-Hunter Tarot by Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon Illustrator: Mel Joy San Juan

Coming to the Oracle of Play:

Fate's Die – From original work, modified for this deck by Nala J. Wu

Practice – From Unraveled Oracle by Susie Gourlay

Wildness – From The Pear Tree Oracle by Peony Archer

Lazer Blaster – From ZOETROPE: Death Didn't Take by Rickie Lee Benedetto, from the game by Seven Dane Asmund

Coming to the Oracle of Secrets:

Anger – From Creatures Oracle by Sara Kathleen

The Patient – From The Fool's Acumen Tarot by aparanoidzombie


Bag of Blades – Created for this deck by Enoch Duncan

Community Copies

Some of you may have noticed a secret add-on get added to the campaign!

Community Copy Add-On

The Community Copy Signup Sheet is here!

What is a Community Copy? A community copy is a free copy given by the project to a supporter who can't afford to pledge on this project. It's intended to go to people in difficult financial situations, but nothing is stopping you from signing up for other reasons. In the case of this project, it is a single copy of one of the three decks with its guidebook, chosen when you are picked to be a recipient of a community copy.

How do I get a Community Copy? You signup on the Community Copy List, linked there. That's it! After the campaign is over, as we get closer to the shipment date, I will inform the recipients of the community copies that they were picked, and they will give me their address to ship a copy of the deck of their choice to.

How do we add copies to the Community Copy Pool? This is happening automatically in the background. For every 150 copies of each deck claimed on the project, a copy is added to the pool. And people can intentionally throw a copy into the pool with the Community Copy add-on for $40, unlocking a copy for someone else to have. This is a great way to directly purchase a cheaper copy for someone else if you have the means and want to support the project AND another person.

How big is the Community Copy Pool so far? As of yesterday, the numbers are telling me... We have 51 copies in the community copy pool from the number of decks claimed! And 11 people have already added community copies to their pledges, so we have 62 free decks to handout as of today.

Currently Live Projects from Participants!

Bobby Alexander's WPA Tarot is live now, and just gifted us its Queen of Cups, shared in this update!
Tarot of the Cosmic Seed -- from Lalania Simone, artist of our Shadow Work card in the Oracle of Secrets!
Dark Hunters Tarot - From author Sherrilyn McQueen's bestselling urban fantasy series, and where we got our new 9 of Pentacles!
The Astro Kitties Tarot Deck from Alicia Arroyo, who got our Aries in the Astrology booster!
The Magpie Zines by Scott Morris is where we got Echoing and The Woods from our Oracle Decks!
The Painted Lady Tarot by Daniel T. Barkowitz is where we got our lovely 3 of Crayons
The Solara Occulto Meliora Tarot is by Crimson Asteria Tarot creator, Amanda Spicer, and we've got two cards from her on this project in the 3 of Cups and The Star!

And that's everything, y'all!

See you soon with even more things to share. And in case people haven't figured it just yet, by the time I put up the update on the 28th I think we'll have had a visitor!


your Pub Gob