The Alleyway Oracles

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The Alleyman returns with THREE brand new decks as one-time printings: the Alleyway Tarot, Oracle of Secrets, and Oracle of Play.

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August Update | The Final Cards | Take Me to the Dark
8 months ago – Mon, Aug 28, 2023 at 05:50:18 PM

As a fun side note, my cat, Mr. Tom Bombadil, got three teeth out (for $2000+) and is on pain meds, having a great time. Wooo, kitty. Okay, actual update time.

All the Final Cards

I'll be honest, I have no idea which of the extra cards I grabbed over time people are aware of or not. So let's take a look at all of the extras that were added to the decks over the campaign! 6 a piece! But first... the King of Ghosts is here.

The King of Ghosts

As you may recall, the King of Oars from the Alleyway Tarot had to be pulled due to some ownership of rights uncertainty between the artist and deck creator. Enoch, who did the Bag of Blades for the Oracle of Secrets, stepped up for us and delivered a brand new King of Ghosts!

Find more from Enoch at!

And now, if it's not in the main deck spread image on the Kickstarter page, it's here! The 6 bonus cards added to each deck!

The Six New Cards for the Alleyway Tarot

The High Priestess (duplicate) – From The Deck of Celestials Tarot 2nd edition by Machaila Jensen

Death (Mushroom) – From The Mushroom Tarot by Chris Adams

The Star (duplicate) – From Terra Arcanae - The Earth Tarot by Taylor Bryn

The World (duplicate) – From The Emerald Tarot by Ritual Divination

Queen of Wands (duplicate) – From The Mystic Soul Tarot by Christina, owner of Moon and Cactus

The Chariot (duplicate) – From The Lost Forest Tarot by Chelsea Santamaria

The Six New Cards for the Oracle of Play

Alice is Missing – From the game of the same name by Hunters Entertainment

Kids on Bikes – From the game of the same name by Hunters Entertainment

Extreme Meatpunks Forever – From The Official Bloodfuck Glacier "Brad Ultrabrad Experience" Tour Promotional Tarot Deck (Unsigned, worth $0.50 to collectors) by Heather Flowers

Triangle Agency – From the game of the same name by Haunted Table Games

The Vow – From The Arcana Prophetia by The Aerie Games + Nayth

Punch a Cop – From Crime Spree - the board game by Kaleb Wentzel-Fisher

The Six New Cards for the Oracle of Secrets

 The Gambler – From The Tarot of Sorts by Jameson Alea (card front), Katy Ketter-Franklin (card back)

Protective – From Empowered Goddess Oracle by Therena Carlin

Visualization – From Growing Oracle Deck by Omyini - Marisabel Nespoli

and revealing our three voted cards, all subject to small changes yet...

That Which Lies Beneath –  by Churieq

That Which is Buried –  by Alexei Vella

That Which Lies Beneath –  by Marcelo A. Orsi Blanco

The Guidebooks

These are killing me! Definitely the part that will, if anything, delay the project overall. I sit down to write and 5 minutes later I'm scrolling on some other tab. Just too ADHD to stay on task. (In writing this update I walked away or did something else a total of 8 times.) But it is happening, and it is getting done. I'll be bringing in editors I have on other projects to help me check them over as I go, as I can't do all the parts of making these books myself this time, or it'll never be done. 

I may even pull in my layout/graphic designer from another project to give me some help on the visual on the pages to speed that along as well. Anything I can do to stop this being the final hangup, and we will be good to go. I'll update in September with that progress, hopefully when they're done and heading to the printer.

But the covers for the guidebooks... that's different. Ezra delivered!

The Guidebook Covers

They are so fun, they are all giving off unique aesthetics and I love it. We've got vintage catalogue, we've got a game book, we've got a fashion magazine. They're so fun, and give a lot of love to the whole thing.

I've got the coins all designed but want to get copies made in hand I can show off, as the flat digital designs kind of suck to look at for coins every time I make them. I'm handing off the tarot cloth design finally to someone else because I keep doubting the thing I'm going for, or my ability to make it real. The cloth will be done long before the guidebooks at this rate even if I held off another couple weeks.

Then we'll be in the clear, and I'll begin getting the podcast moving on a non-deadline basis, which is my favorite kind of deadline.

A pink neon sign of a set of lips with blue neon text saying Take Me to the Dark beside a purple neon sign of the Publishing Goblin Games logo, featuring a goblin head, dice, playing cards, and the text Pub Gob Games
Take Me to the Dark | Publishing Goblin Games

Take Me to the Dark (and on...)

In October, to take part in Witchstarter here on Kickstarter, I'm going to be launching Take Me to the Dark: 3 Games of the Strange. I'll be overlapping Games and non-Games projects from here on out. I'll be partnering with Magicraft and SFC to manufacture and fulfill my games, while New Titan will be handling manufacturing and fulfillment on my non-games projects, like the Alleyway Oracles, so there will never be struggles getting one done because of the other. 

Take Me to the Dark will feature the 2nd edition of ZOETROPE, my time travel roleplaying game that runs on cards and is set to be played with zero preparation from anyone; What We Possess, a card-based ghostly story telling game where players work together to tell the stories of the living and the dead in a finite space before the ghosts lose their energy and fade away forever; and Secret Halls, a game set in Chicago 1993 with players taking on the role of mages trying to keep the peace among mythological beings and the unaware mortals. Secret Halls is made for one-shots but can be run as a longer form campaign game, and is likewise card-run, using a unique playing card deck.

Secret Halls also happens to be the game-setting of the same Earth that the Alleyman myth lives in. Jimmy Talon from the 2nd season pilot of the Alleyway Podcast is one-such mage, and the Moth Children of my old project, or Alexcia, are also going to be in there! I hope to see some of you there, but I'll be reaching wide and far to start gathering a bigger games audience, something Publishing Goblin is missing. But no worries, this won't delay future divination products-- the Alleyway Oracles or otherwise. Once the Oracles are finished and fulfilled, we'll be looking at the Normal Tarot 3rd edition, and a reprint of the 1st and 2nd editions, in Spring 2024.

Take Me to the Dark: 3 Games of the Strange by Publishing Goblin — Kickstarter

Also I guess you get to see the new Pub Gob Games logo too! : )

Talk again end of September,


your Pub Gob

Some Quieter Updates | A Card's Removal | Gen Con!
9 months ago – Fri, Jul 28, 2023 at 03:56:08 PM

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to drop some quieter updates about things. But first...

A Card's Removal

I just about had every card gathered and then we lost one. Unfortunately there is some confusion about whether the artist or the designer of the King of Oars had rights to license that card. I think in some time we could have come to an agreement and got things squared away, as both parties were interested in taking part in this project, but at this time we've all agreed to just pull the card from the project instead to make things easier for everyone.

It's removed from the credits list on my website and I'm seeing if Kickstarter can adjust the image I have on the campaign page to take it off as well, as I can't edit the campaign page once the campaign ended. That means I am going to find something to fill its spot before we go to print, but it's the only card in that boat. Everything else is gathered! So if you have thoughts on a new King of the 5th suit, let me know!

Jen and Carol have both been patient and understanding of the decision to remove the card, and we wish them well in the future, and perhaps to see them again sometime soon in a future project. 

Downloads Page

All files that I have put out for general use have a home now on my website! Here on this Downloads Page you can find the Alleyman's Tarot guidebook, the Oracle Dice Guidebook, playtest versions of ZOETROPE and New Avernus that you can play for free on Table Top Simulator (if you have the game on Steam), and more. I will be adding other things over time, such as old books of poetry. Let me know if there are other things you would like to see on here! Obviously the guidebooks for these three decks will be there when they are done as well.


In the same vein, I have put up a Newsletter signup page on my website here! With the excruciatingly slow death of the website formerly known as Twitter, I find I'm losing access to people I adore, and who like to hear from me about new projects. So on this Newsletter, I will let people know when new items go for sale online, when new projects are forthcoming, and when they launch. You can expect about 1 email a month, perhaps slower if there's no news, or 2-3 emails in a month if some events end up overlapping.

Hope to see some of you on there! : )

ZOETROPE: Death Didn't Take

And in keeping to my guns on my projects, I have a game project launching on Backerkit in October. I don't mind overlapping projects if they are in different categories, but it feels bad to overlap projects in fulfillment with new launching projects when they are really targeting the same audiences. I'd rather you guys get your Alleyway Oracles in hand before I launch the Normal Tarot 3rd edition next year. But ZOETROPE is a game, and I'm due for one of those! 

ZOETROPE is a card-based roleplaying game focused on being time patrol agents, solving (or causing) time anomalies. The game is made primarily for one-shots, and its pick up and play, so you can sit down on a night when someone couldn't make it to your normal RPG and be in the game in minutes. No real prep required not even on the part of the Story Leader! This is a 2nd edition of an older game that is now several years old, and that was only available as print on demand for $80+ for the core game, and 130+ for the expansions and core game together.

I'm excited to say, I'll be able to offer the new edition with all new art and templating from Rickie Lee Benedetto in a box set with tokens and new shapes of cards for just $25. This is my favorite game I've ever made or had a hand in making, and I am overjoyed to be able to offer it anew in this way, and at such an affordable price.

So if that sounds up your alley, you can signup to be notified of its launch here.

Gen Con

And finally, I'm going to Gen Con next week!

Gen Con is the largest board, card and tabletop games convention in North America. I go there to run games, talk to other designers and publishers, and generally rub elbows with people more famous than me haha. I failed (again!) to get a booth, so I won't be selling wares or anything, but I will be around.

I'm running games of ZOETROPE 1st edition in preparation for the game's launch in October on Backerkit, will have a copy of New Avernus on me to play with strangers, and I'll be running two sessions of my in-progress game It's Up to Us, a roleplaying game focused on kids and teens in suburbia dealing with dark and scary mysteries. Whenever it releases, it will come out with a free PDF of Five Nights at Freddy's specifics story telling pieces, as for me it's essentially the Unofficial FNAF TTRPG. I'll do my darnedest to get it to instead just be the official one, but licensing a big IP like that is not easy.

If you're going, feel free to ping me at [email protected], and we can try to meet up! I'll have my alleyman's on me and offer cards or readings as possible. 

By end of August we should have another update with a variety of cards to share, add-on designs, and some early looks at the guidebooks. I have all the guidebook covers in hand, and those will be fun to finally share!

So talk again in about a month friends,


your pub gob

Charging in 30 Minutes on Backerkit
9 months ago – Wed, Jul 19, 2023 at 03:53:06 PM

Hello all, just a reminder that in 30 minutes time (5:20~ MST) I will be locking orders and charging cards on backerkit. This will just be for your add-ons that you added in your backerkit survey, and it will only affect people who have finished and submitted their surveys at this time.

In very rare cases, such as with people whose orders failed to charge here on Kickstarter, this will attempt to charge you for your full order/remaining balance. But it will only charge what you still owe, it will not charge you for what you've already paid. No one is being double charged. : )

After today, I will periodically lock people's orders who put in their surveys and charge them on Fridays.

If you realize you want more items, you can ALWAYS reach out to Backerkit support and have them unlock your order to add them, then I will re-lock and charge on the next Friday. 

Also a reminder that refunds are now off the table. I have honored all who asked, and there will be no more refunds made on this campaign no matter the reason. This is because from here on, the money is being spent, so it won't exist to give back. Thanks for your understanding.

In the background, I'm almost done paying all the artists (Now its just down to the final 30~ who haven't gotten me payment methods yet. So it'll be done soon!)

Talk again soon, I have new cards to share, designs, and more! Hopefully we can delve in next week.


your pub gob

Reminder that Refunds are due! Charges will come Wednesday!
9 months ago – Mon, Jul 17, 2023 at 04:02:33 PM

Hello you lovely people!

I meant to put out an update yesterday warning people that yesterday was the last day to request a refund! I have failed at that-- my apologies.

So I am extending acceptance of refund requests through tonight to tomorrow. Any time yet today or tomorrow, I will accept refund requests messaged to me here on Kickstarter or emailed to [email protected]! I may not get to the refund for a few more days, but as long as it arrives today or tomorrow (the 18th), I'll accept it. 

No other refunds will be made on this project for any reason, so be sure you're okay with your pledge and funds now, or hold your peace.

Charges Wednesday!

Because of the shift in refunds, I am going to charge people on Wednesday the 19th on Backerkit. This means if you added some more items in your survey, or your charge failed on Kickstarter, Backerkit will try to charge you for any remaining funds due. If you paid on Kickstarter and didn't add any items in Backerkit, you won't be charged a thing. No worries.

Early Items

There were some early shipping items that I said would go out when the campaign ended. This would be the 3 people who got 1st edition oracle dice sets as a wandering tier/add-on, people who got Normal Tarot Gold, Silver, or 1st edition, or people who got my poetry or the podcast CD sets/books.

I put in an order for the Poetry books, and they should be my way in the next couple weeks. At that time I will reach out to each of you who got these weird items and get shipping info, in case your address on backerkit isn't where you are now, but where you will be when this project ships in March next year.

That's all for now, I'll ping on Wednesday when I go to charge people!


your pub gob

Surveys Are Going Out! | Adjusting Your Final Orders | When Will I Be Charged?
10 months ago – Thu, Jul 06, 2023 at 04:50:12 PM


First off, we have the pre-order store now open! Please note that this should NOT be used to adjust your orders. Pre-orders are separate from your campaign pledges. However, for friends, family, or countrymen who missed out on the campaign, they can now go place a late pledge through the pre-order system.

The Fablemaker's Tarot

Our pre-orders are joined by the Fablemaker's Animated Tarot Deck! They were the #1 most funded tarot deck before the Alleyman's slipped ahead, but they still own the wildly awesome title of being an animated tarot. Hit Point Press is so great, so I have taken on some of their decks into our pre-order store, and backers can add a copy to their order as well when you finalize add-ons.

Surveys Going Out!

As of right now 5% of surveys have been sent out. This is the smoke test. Once I see those go through without incident, we will send out the remaining 95%. The way this works is simple-- you will be emailed with your link to your survey. The email used will be the one you have associated with your Kickstarter-- or your linked Backerkit email if you changed it there.

Note: People who set up their Kickstarter accounts with AppleIDs don't have emails attached to their accounts, so Backerkit cannot email you. If this is you, or you don't get the survey email in the next 24 hours, you can go here: BackerKit Pledge Manager for The Alleyway Oracles, and go through the Get My Survey process to get into it. 

When you click through the email, you'll end up here:

Backerkit Walkthru

This only shows your pledge level, and how much money was in your pledge. In this example, I'm using the $185 Oracle's Trove tier. After this, it will ask you 3 questions. 

  • 1) A reminder that we aren't shipping until March 2024, and that we haven't charged. Just need your acknowledgement.
  • 2) A notice that your Kickstarter items have been imported, and that after you confirm them, you can add new items! Just need your acknowledgement.
  • 3) This is for a potential future thing, but wanted to know if you'd be interested in tarot-card sized frames! Let us know if that's of interest.
  • 4) If you have another question here, it's because of your pledge tier, and it'll be asking about your touched decks, or your oracle dice wood box top option, if you got one.

When we're on these pages, the anatomy is like this:

Backerkit Walkthrough

The red-circled part shows the campaign, your pledge amount, and what your pledge tier was, as well as showing your email address. This is nice to check just to be sure you are in the right person's survey-- that basically never is an issue that I know of, but it's there!

The blue-circled part shows the sections of the survey. First are these 3 questions, then you'll be shown add-ons, then it will get shipping information from you, and finally you'll confirm the survey!

The yellow-circled part shows the buttons you are using to go between the parts of the survey.

Okay let's move on!

Backerkit Walkthrough

When you go to the second page, Add-Ons, it will show you all the possible add-ons you can grab on the LEFT, with the item squares and images. The Add to Cart button will let you grab that item you missed out on or forgot to get.

Now on the RIGHT, under "Pledge-Level", you can see the full pledge. In this case, it's the Oracle's Trove pledge tier, and it shows line by line what all the items are included in that pledge tier. This is how you check to make sure that you got everything you wanted, and don't get duplicates. 

Once you've confirmed you have what you want, and added extras of items you still wanted, hit NEXT.

The third page is straightforward, just fill in your address information. Yes, you'll be able to adjust this address up until we begin shipping/printing shipping labels in early 2024. So no worries!

Okay, onto the fourth page!

Here, it just wants to confirm with you what all you picked, how much your total is, how much more you owe, shipping info, etc. Lastly it will ask you to put in a payment option if you don't already have one associated with your backerkit account.

Note: You won't be charged for this right away.

That's it! Survey done.

 When Will I be Charged?

I will move to charge the first batch of order adjustments, new add-ons, and pre-orders on Monday the 17th. This is because the last of the refunds will be done by the 16th, and that will give people time to get their things together! This also means for people who didn't get their things together in time on Kickstarter, I can attempt to charge the card you put on your backerkit survey for your whole order on the 17th. If you don't want me to do so and want me to cancel your order, let me know sooner than later.

A good moment to remind people again that I am doing refunds for any reason until the 16th. When the 16th ends, I will not be offering refunds for any reason for the rest of the project. 

After that, I will periodically charge orders on Fridays. You'll be able to adjust your order (add or swap items, though not remove items) at any time, as well as change your address, until we are closer to shipping. After I lock orders to charge them, this will have to be done through Backerkit support, but it can be done. We just won't be able to do refunds, so be sure you have what you want by the 16th!

Okay, that's all for now!

See you in survey town tonight/tomorrow!


your pub gob