The Alleyway Oracles

Created by Publishing Goblin

The Alleyman returns with THREE brand new decks as one-time printings: the Alleyway Tarot, Oracle of Secrets, and Oracle of Play.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Wave 1 Is Moving | Wave 2 Deadline Set
3 days ago – Mon, May 27, 2024 at 09:42:36 AM

Hello my dear Alley folk,

As of today (or tomorrow), International orders in Wave 1 have been sent. Some will have gotten tracking right away if they are near China, otherwise please be on the lookout for your tracking number to be emailed to you when your package is scanned in your destination country by your local post. We found that to be the case in the past as well. 

At the same time, North American packages should be heading out to people in the next week/two as well. Because of this, I am starting our deadline timers.

Reminder of the Terms and Conditions and Deadlines!

  • We are past the point where refunds of any kind are offered. That ended July 16th 2023.
  • People who never paid shipping, or did their survey, should be advised they will only get their items if they pay it or do their survey. You can check to see if you did your survey here.
  • Remaining backers (those who didn't get shipping paid yet, or who didn't do a survey) who are now in Wave 2, as well as the community copy recipients, have until June 27th to get their surveys in and pay shipping now. If they get it done after that time, or never do it, their pledge is considered forfeit, and funds paid into the project are considered donations to the project. As already noted, no refunds will be offered for such cases. **This obviously doesn't include people already in-talks with me about any problems, or people who did their things on time and had a lost package.
  • A reminder that I can only add shipping costs to your pledge AFTER you do your survey. So the sooner you do that, the sooner I can get shipping costs added.
  • Damaged or Missing Items, Lost or Misdelivered Packages You will have 30 days after your package arrives to you to report to [email protected] or [email protected] if you need replacement items or have missing items in your order. For packages that go missing, you will have 45 days after the item is sent (60 for international packages) to report lost or misdelivered packages to have us resend or follow up on the items.
  • Loosely, this is June 30th for US Orders for missing items, and July 15th for International Orders for missing items. Then it's July 15th for US Orders, and July 30th for International Orders for missing packages

What Now?

We twiddle our thumbs in anticipation! I haven't been told that the North American items are moving yet from the ship, not 100% sure if the customs nonsense is done yet. I'd imagine the weekend+Memorial Day are slowing that process. But it's just a matter of days now!

So then, what more is there to do? Well...

As always, my other projects are in their pre-order phases and pre-launch phases!

You can grab some Alleyman Pinsets here!

You can time travel into a fun roleplaying game with ZOETROPE here!

Or be a spooky ghost friend with WHAT WE POSSESS here!

The Normal Tarot is still doing pre-orders here!

And Confluence is gearing up for a huge TTRPG October over here!

And finally, the Hot Housewives Tarot production project is here, readying to launch in June!

And that's all for now!

See you all in the near future, when people's items begin showing up!


Small Update
7 days ago – Thu, May 23, 2024 at 12:05:55 PM

First off, please see the previous update for much more information, and pictures of the items!

Small update at the moment:

Wave 1 vs Wave 2

People have asked, but Wave 1 vs Wave 2 just means people who got their survey done any time in the last year up to April and people who didn't. The vast majority of people did their surveys last year. 4,527 people are in Wave 1, and 60 or so are in Wave 2 at the moment, though there are 260 people who just never filled out their surveys. If they do so, they'll join Wave 2, but they are running out of time. 

If you aren't certain whether or not you did your survey, you can check here.

Shipping Update

The cargo container with North American backers orders arrived to the US more or less on time, but the ports were really congested and we had to wait until yesterday to dock. We submitted all the forms to customs but for some reason they're saying there's a high chance we will be subject to an open-container exam. 

Long story short, it's here in the US but it may take another few days for it to be off the ship and start its journey to folks. I will do a small update when packages are heading to people and y'all should be seeing tracking numbers!

Thanks for your patience,


The Items, Alive! | Shipping Timeline
21 days ago – Thu, May 09, 2024 at 10:18:10 AM

Hello my alley folk. It's been a minute, but last week, all of my Alleyway Oracle goodies finally arrived! And wow, they are INCREDIBLE. I can't stress it enough, this was a GOOD project and we made something amazing together. Scroll down for shipping updates, then down once more to see all the pictures of the cool stuff!

I have everything BUT the wooden 3-chamber box. I'm sad to not have that still, but I've been told production is finishing in the next two weeks on those, so that's good news. 

Quick FAQ!

  • Alleyman's Tarot items from the original project were noted to be shipped on their own. That's happened now or already-- I did share in an update, but many seem to have missed it. No big deal, just wanted to address the emails/comments.
  • Animated Tarot/Fablemakers Tarot sets are also shipping separate. Those are going out in the next week!
  • And a reminder that because wooden boxes were taking longer, and due to size/weight, they are shipping separately on New Titan's dime. 
  • Everyone will receive an emailed tracking number when their package goes into the mail system. US and abroad the same.
  • Wave 1 North American Packages are heading out in the back half of this month. US should arrive before May ends, Canada/Mexico may take into the first weeks of June. Customs is sometimes tricky.
  • Due to labor shortages at the factories in China, international packages are starting to go out this week, may take a few weeks to get them all out. Thanks for your patience!
  • Anyone in North America whose packages were packed/labeled and on the way to the states now (arriving to the states on the 14th) CANNOT change your shipping address. It's not possible. Set up forwarding if possible or reach out to your old address's residents and ask if they can inform you when it arrives so you can get it or have it shipped up to you. I've done it before, it's not as awkward as it sounds!
  • Reach out to me: [email protected] or New Titan: [email protected] if you need help with your order, if it arrives damaged, missing items, or if it gets lost AFTER you get the tracking number.
  • Once Wave 1 items are done shipping, the timer will start for Wave 2 people to get their info in and shipping paid to get their items. I will update when that begins, and when that time is coming to an end is when Wave 2 will ship. Will be in late June/mid July.

I was waiting until I had additional info on hand to share first before I posted an update, and I have some of that info now. At this moment, the cargo ship with our US, Canadian, and Mexican packages is set to arrive on the mainland on the 14th. This means packages will head to three warehouses when they arrive, one by the port, and the other two in the other corners of the States. It has historically taken a few days for the ship to offload its containers, so I'd say by around the 17th or 18th the local port warehouse will have its items, and by the 24th lets say the other warehouses will have their items. They will then go out into the mail directly from the warehouses, as all the packages are already packed and labeled! That means rapidly from there, US backers should get their items. 

By the end of this month, most US backers should have their items in hand. At worst, assuming delays, it could be the first week of June. So this update is a nice preview of what you're about to get! Canadian backers should potentially also get their items yet this month, hard to say with US to Canada shipping though. Sometimes it arrives in two days, others it takes 2 months to survive customs. Mexico will be much the same, shouldn't be too much longer, may be shorter, hard to say. 

INTERNATIONAL BACKERS: I have a bad habit of acting like I'm the only person in the world sometimes. I assumed that as soon as our North American orders went into the cargo ship that yours would be sent, but that would assume New Titan has no other customers. China is seeing large labor shortages, especially in relation to international customers/orders. Many factories, including those tied to New Titan, have had big layoffs in this time. Besides taking care of other clients, they also just haven't had the workers to handle projects this big that well. That said, international packages are starting to be sent out this week. I don't have a time table for whose are going when, but with the smaller size of this project compared to some previous ones, we shouldn't be too long. Look for your tracking emails in the next few weeks. Thanks for your patience!

The Goods

In the video update I'm showing some of these items in motion as well, but here are pictures!!

Here you can see the three decks! They each have their own, unique style of box. The Alleyway Tarot has a book-open style box, the Oracle of Play is like a lego set and opens to pull the drawer out, while the Oracle of Secrets has a two-part box with a lid that lifts off, with a gorgeous holographic stripe on the side that you can see in the video.

Here you can see how the decks and add-ons arrived, all neatly packed in one box. The decks and guidebooks on their sides, the bags and boosters on the side. It's a fantastic box to receive, and smaller than I expected. Then you can also see some of those extras-- the boosters, and the contents of the Tulsa Bag that I didn't get in the first round of add-on bags! The Alleyman miniature in orange. This miniature is TOUGH! It arrived with no packing around it, and I immediately dropped it on the floor. New Titan tried many materials until they found one that survived being THROWN at the floor, and it WORKS. It's a tough miniature! I also got the dice and the tarot-sized cards with the dice meanings. And yes-- of course-- the Alleyman 8" statues! You can see them beside the miniature and with cards slotted into its base. I am so in love with it, it's truly amazing. And it came in its own box, very well wrapped in bubble wrap and tissue and styrofoam. I have 0 worries about these statues arriving safely to people.

I feel that I'm always running from project to project to make ends meet, it can make it hard to sit down with anything I've made to really appreciate them... but... this is amazing. These decks, the books, the add-ons... They're fantastic. My only regret is not having the funds and time to make the second season of the podcast actually come to life alongside this project. It'll happen one day yet, but for now, I hope these artifacts of its story entice you into their world. Can't wait for later this month when you can all hold these for yourselves!

As always, my other projects are in their pre-order phases and pre-launch phases!

You can grab some Alleyman Pinsets here!

You can time travel into a fun roleplaying game with ZOETROPE here!

Or be a spooky ghost friend with WHAT WE POSSESS here!

The Normal Tarot is still doing pre-orders here!

And Confluence is gearing up for a huge TTRPG October over here!

And finally, the Hot Housewives Tarot production project is here, readying to launch in June!

I really do hugely depend on all of your support on my projects to keep my bills paid, to keep my projects coming, and to generally stay alive. It means the world to me to have your help, financial, sharing on social, and your kind words and reviews of things as they come to pass. My biggest goal now is to setup items, games, tools, and decks that can be reprinted so I have a base of passive income from long-standing products. Love the Alleyman things, but I can't reproduce or make later earnings on those. So thank you for joining in on this journey, friends!

your pub gob


Shipping Container On Board ! | Final Hours of the Alleyman Pin Sets!
about 1 month ago – Thu, Apr 18, 2024 at 10:54:22 AM

Hello my dear friends,

Shipping Container Heading to the US!

I like to let you know what's happening, when it happens. So be ready for some repeated, small updates over the next 30 days or so. 

"Our container was picked up by the forwarder yesterday (April 17), a few days later than booked: cargo got rolled due to canceled voyages because weak exporting demand in China. Currently, ETA to the Port is May 10."

Just got this from New Titan, and it means we are witnessing the movement of the decks!! We got rolled over from ship to ship unfortunately and that means our estimated arrival time in the states in May 10th. We are moving pallets around in the states, some will be heading straight to the warehouse in the port city, and two others will be heading to the other corners of the states. This means we can expect backers in the states to get their items in May!

And the fact that our packages are now in motion on the ocean, that means that international packages are now being sent out straight from China! Stay tuned on that one, more to share as I hear it.

The Final Hours of the Alleyman Pin Sets

There is a LOT on this pin set project! A lot more than I intended at launch, at least.

You can back for just the Alleyman, or the Alleyman's Tarot logo enamel pin, which is now on the project. Or you can put down $70 and back all the new pins from the project, or $100 for all that PLUS the Zoetrope, What We Possess, and Take Me to the Dark pin sets!

There's the Alleyman pin, the Alleyway Oracle pin, the 3 death pin set, the Sun-Moon-Star 3 pin set, the Alleyman's Tarot pin, a new standalone Justice card pin, and a 3-pin set that I shared my early work designs on the project, and now here as well! 

Join me on the page over there from 1-2 PM MST (Noon-1 PST, 2-3 CST, 3-4 EST) for an hour livestream as it comes to an end!

The Final 3 Pin Set, in progress designs for the Bogeyman, The Final Tarot Card, and the Queen of Bombs!

Alright talk again soon when I get my package of Alleyway Oracle goodies to share!


The Upcoming Shipping | Product Photos | The Alleymans Pins | The Hot Housewives Tarot?!
about 2 months ago – Tue, Apr 09, 2024 at 02:08:54 PM


The Upcoming Shipping

A few people missed last update, so want to remind people of the current shipping schedule:

US, Canada, and Mexico orders are being packed into a shipping container to head over to the US as we speak. Mid April they will begin their journey here to then go into the USPS system and get sent out when they arrive end of April/early May. 

International orders will begin going out directly from China once the shipping container hits the high seas for the US. Because we have a much smaller set of international orders this time around than with the Alleymans Tarot, we should see these go out fairly quickly end of April.

You will receive an automatic email to your kickstarter-related email address with tracking when it becomes relevant to you. 

If I share an update that items are shipping and you haven't seen a tracking email, or if you got your Alleyman items early and anything was missing, drop a line to New Titan: [email protected]

They will also be the ones sending you the tracking notice when the items are in the mail! :)

Product Photos!

Okay okay, maybe there are some product photos. These are from the manufacturer directly, I don't have a set of anything in hand yet. It's on the way, but taking its time.

(Not sure why the Oracle of Secrets' Guide is in both photos there. Asking for a photo of the proper guide!)

We've got eyes on the decks, the boosters, the miniatures, the dice, and the huge Alleyman statue! I'm so in love with the statue my friends, I can't wait to have them in hand. My understanding is that the wooden boxes have had some trials with different manufacturers, and while the problems settled down, it will still be another month or so before those are done. I already shared that those are shipping separate on our dime, so no worries. You'll still get all the other stuff on the current schedule.

The Alleyman's Pins

If you somehow missed this one, the Alleyman's Tarot has a pin set live on Backerkit right now! You can back it here and get to the latest update to vote on which of the Alleyway Oracle poses we are going to use for the Oracle Pin!

Which of these would you love as a pin? The project also now features an Alleyman's Tarot pin, as well as full pledge tiers that grab you all the pins available on the project for $70, or all those plus the latest sets from the games projects for $100!

The Hot Housewives Tarot

And yes, in June I will be launching, just a week before my birthday, the Hot Housewives (early bird) project here on Kickstarter. You'll be able to see it here.

This project will be both a cheaper way to get the deck when it eventually releases and an experience. Your pledge will directly fund me taking time to research and work on the deck! And in weekly updates, I will share progress, what my research has put together, card entries from the guidebook, and the cards themselves! We will be diving into 50s Americana, Fascism, xenophobia, nuclear terrors, arcane symbology, and the subversion of all these things into a full, usable tarot deck! And you'll have space in the updates to share your thoughts, make suggestions, and generally see what it takes to get a project like this from start to completion.

If you loved the Queen of Bombs, this is how we find her a home in a full deck together. Then a year or so after it's done, a followup release project of some kind will go up so others can join in its first printing, but they'll pay full price. So for supporting the process to get it ready for print, you'll get a discount AND get to see the process as it unfolds. 

That's all for today friends, we are very close to having these in hand! Less than a month for most people! Can't wait!!


your Pub Gob