The Alleyway Oracles

Created by Publishing Goblin

The Alleyman returns with THREE brand new decks as one-time printings: the Alleyway Tarot, Oracle of Secrets, and Oracle of Play.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Just a quick note!
10 months ago – Mon, Jul 03, 2023 at 01:00:58 PM


The Kickstarter funds finally arrived, and not a moment too soon! I was at $0 in my personal account-- it was a frugal birthday! But things are where they should be. We lost about $25,000 in dropped pledges-- people whose cards were declined for various reasons who didn't get it sorted out in time-- which is more than I expected. But some will come through on backerkit and get it paid a little later yet.

Today I paid the Backerkit charges, and have pushed for the review to happen hopefully faster than normal so we can get moved to surveys and pre-orders on Backerkit yet this week!

I will put out the longer update when that occurs to let you all know what we're doing and what's going on over there. And that's it for now!

Now I just need to get over this cold. Have a happy 4th for those who have plans! : )


Just a quick hello! | When we move to Backerkit | Reminder of the Terms and Conditions...
10 months ago – Fri, Jun 23, 2023 at 02:07:08 PM

Hello everyone!!

It's been a little bit. I have been working very little this last week-- enough to get the backerkit readied, but not enough to get things to show you. Apologies! I've been making excuses, but honestly after the campaign and with my birthday this weekend, I'm just kind of coasting on good vibes. Back to work next week!

That being said, Backerkit IS ready to go. We won't move over until 14 days have passed, so that Kickstarter can get people squared away with any problem card charges and the like. I'll plan on announcing the move to Backerkit on the 30th, with all the info you need to understand it.

PS did you know from the discount tiers and wandering things, we discounted a total of over $105,000 on this campaign? Just absolutely wild!

Terms and Conditions

Contacting me: [email protected]

reminder that I can't help with kickstarter charging issues-- I can refund you and that's about it.

First, I just want to remind people that I can refund anyone for any reason until July 16th. But after July 16th, no refunds will be granted for any reason. So if you need to cancel, make sure you let me know sooner than later. There comes a certain point in the campaign where the money is spent, and it no longer exists to give back. We're nipping late refund requests in the bud here by limiting them to 30 days after the campaign ends.

Second, we have NOT charged shipping. That was noted on the project page, but shipping will be charged on Backerkit closer to our shipping date. We have estimates on the campaign page. If, when we put the shipping charges out, you fail to pay it on time (you'll have multiple weeks to pay), your pledge will be forfeit. If you choose not to pay the shipping charge for whatever reason, your pledge will be forfeit. In either case, no refunds will be offered.

There are also terms relating to survey and fulfillment deadlines, but those aren't pertinent just yet, so you can peruse them on the campaign page if you need a refresher. 

And that's all for now. Happy weekend and Pride to all! : )


your pub gob

What a Finish! | Lots of Stuff for Now, Talk Again Soon
10 months ago – Fri, Jun 16, 2023 at 04:05:29 PM

Hello my dear alleyfolk.

We did it! 4,529 backers pledged $642,172 to help bring this project to life.

We now have 2 weeks where people's charges can be re-checked by Kickstarter. 376 backers right now had charge errors. Some will get it fixed in time, some won't. We'll likely lose a few thousand to 10,000 overall as people drop out. It happens! Just check your order and be sure to update your card info as needed, or clear things with your bank. Please do not contact me about your charge though, I can't help at all with charges or your pledge or rewards here on Kickstarter. You want to reach out to Kickstarter support.

Backerkit Pledge Manager

There were a combined total of over 100 addons and pledge tiers, and I will need to manually import them and all their items. It will probably not be complete for a couple weeks, as I finish up loose strings and whatnot. Plus we can't open the pre-orders and order adjustments until I pay Backerkit from the campaign funds anyways! So we will hop over there in a couple weeks.

And yep-- you'll all be able to add more items to your orders there. Wandering tier/discount prices from the last couple weeks won't be available there, but you'll be able to get the bags, boosters, box, etc and all that. 

Podcast Booster Packs

A few people have been confused-- the Podcast Booster that we unlocked early was the $625,000 booster unlock. It was already unlocked before we hit the actual goal, and was included in the Oracle's Trove tiers.

And yes, for anyone who got the Podcast cards in the Alleyman Podcast campaign that ran last year and shipped out recently, you will get 1 free booster of these cards PER set you got on the original campaign. 

Weird Early Shipping Items

The Normal Tarot items, the 1st Edition Oracle Dice (not the new ones), the copies of my poetry, Podcast CD Sets and Books, that stuff I will be shipping out personally in early July. I'll reach out to backers who got those items to get those things heading to them. All other items (Oracle Dice 2nd edition, Alleyman's Tarot, etc) will ship out with your order proper in early 2024.

Our Totals!

Just for people interested in some numbers!

  • Oracle of Secrets (and guide) 3913
  • Oracle of Play (and guide) 3721
  • Alleyway Tarot (and guide) 3855
  • 3-deck wood box 231
  • 7 piece art print set 683
  • Bag: Des Moines 1611
  • Bag: Tulsa 1580
  • Bag: Longview 1540
  • Blanks Booster 1275
  • Astrological Booster 2274
  • Podcast Booster 1068 (This is prior to previous backers getting new packs, so add another 700~)
  • Community Copies (added up) 175!
  • all this and more heading to 51 Countries!

This is just what was claimed on the campaign. We'll add to the numbers a bit with retailer orders and pre-orders, backerkit order add-ons, etc. 

The Oracle of Secrets Cards!

It's time for me to choose the final 3 cards that we will have made just for the deck, based on your suggestions! 

And our cards are... 

That Which is Buried - That which must be buried, or that which you buried that has not stayed down. Our illustration will feature a box lain down at the bottom of a deep grave, tantalizingly almost opened, but we can't see what's in it. I felt this card really dug into hidden secrets, family darkness, the need to bury and leave something for dead, and more. 

That Light Which Burns - The cruel realization, the horrifying sight, the thing you did not wish to know but are now burdened with. It is that eliminating sun which clears the darkness and doubt, but also that impossible burning light that we should not have looked on. 

That Which Lies Beneath - The eyes peering up from the floorboards, the creature under the bed, that thing we feel deep down into our bones. An inescapable chill, a pervasive feeling of wrongness. The monster that lives under everything we experience. If That Which is Buried is the unspoken trauma, That Which Lies Beneath is the dread that you can't deny, the tell tale heart. It has a mind, and it means us bad.

My Next Steps

I am finalizing what the numbers look like-- taking into account all the cheaper tiers I offered it will take a bit to get the numbers right! But gotta figure out what's coming in, and what needs to go where. Then I'll get things moved to Backerkit for everyone, and to open Pre-Orders. After that, I will be drawing everything to its final forms, gathering the final cards, commissioning the 3 new ones above, and finishing writing the books. Current goal is to have this done by end of July. So we should see all the remaining items by then.

As we head into August, we should be moving things to New Titan to get production begun on everything. That will take some time, and in January 2024 we could well begin looking towards shipping! But for safety, we're keeping our ship date locked at March 2024 for now. 


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And we're done.... A short video and more to come tomorrow!
10 months ago – Thu, Jun 15, 2023 at 07:20:42 PM

Thank you to everyone who took part-- this was WILD. 755% funded-- all this money, all these wandering pledge tiers, all the savings! I really appreciate all of you so much. Accept this short video for now, I will be back tomorrow with a proper rundown and closeout of the funding portion of the project. 

For now, I go to the kitchen to eat my indian food that has been kindly waiting on me and rest!

Thank you,

thank you,

thank you,


your pub gob

Just 2 Hours Left | Surprise Tiers | Contributor Campaigns!
10 months ago – Thu, Jun 15, 2023 at 04:58:42 PM

Many people are having add-on issues!

Do NOT use the REWARDS tab on the campaign page. Kickstarter rolled out an update to add-ons and rewards and that tab is BROKEN. If you try to use it will break your Kickstarter page/app. Instead, refresh your browser and app and then use the pledge management as per this old update The Alleyway Oracles by Publishing Goblin — Kickstarter.

We have just 2 hours left, which means the AMA is starting right now on Instagram!

Pop over to our Instagram now and for the final 2 hours of the campaign, submit questions through our Story and I'll reply in video and in costume as the Alleyway Oracle! Then in the final 15 minutes, I'll go LIVE to hang out with y'all as we count down the final minutes!

Comments Per Day

And have you seen our comments?? Day 1 we had 74 comments. Today alone so far we have almost 400! Keep it coming y'all, we're having fun in this mess. (Ps I get an email for each comment so I assure you I see them all-- even if I don't reply as much. You all rock!)

Surprise Tiers!

Yes, there was a Moth this morning with 100 slots-- and 100 Brats as well! I like the clues and the fun of it, but I also like the randomness I can throw into the works by sneaking in un-hinted at tiers. They weren't the only ones! Enjoy these final hours-- they are sure to be EXPLOSIVE. Seriously, there are a lot of things happening in that final bit of time. Bag bundles, wood box discounts-- who knows!

Contributor Campaigns!

Tiana Davis has re-launched her incredible Divinergy Tarot today, and I know ALL of you have room for Black excellence in your lives! I think now is a great time for any of you who are cash strapped to be reminded that Kickstarter cares MOST about number of unique backers per day, NOT amount of money that has come in. That means if everyone has time to share just a single $1 to this campaign for no reward, not only would it be funded, but it would also BOOST the hell out of the campaign to get it in front of all the amazing people in this world who would love this deck in their lives. So please consider donating just $1 to this campaign if you have a moment. It could change an indie artist's life.

Divinergy Tarot

And oh yeah, we're making it to that final stretch goal friends. So allow me to introduce you to the Triangle Agency.

The Triangle Agency

The Oracle of Play is proud to welcome a card representing the Triangle Agency TTRPG into its ranks! This roleplaying game explores paranormal investigation in some very fun ways, and I highly suggest going to their campaign page to scroll through the art on the page. It's so very fun.

The Triangle Agency Card!

And enjoy my other ramblings in the video, it's a weird day y'all.

Talk again shortly on Instagram, or in a couple hours when the campaign ends and I post another update! : )


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