The Alleyway Oracles

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The Alleyman returns with THREE brand new decks as one-time printings: the Alleyway Tarot, Oracle of Secrets, and Oracle of Play.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Creeping over $600,000 | Another AMA to End the Project | A Peek at Poetry!
10 months ago – Wed, Jun 14, 2023 at 03:02:36 PM


As of right now, we're just barely $800 from going over $600,000-- so it might do so while I am putting this update together. I think we could very well get quite close to $625,000 before we end at 8pm tomorrow, and boy am I excited for that!

A reminder that the booster pack for that goal has already been unlocked early-- the Podcast Booster Pack. What we're aiming for now is the bonus 3 cards going into each deck!

AMA Number Two!

I really enjoyed going 'live' for questions on Instagram last time, so we're doing it again for the final 2 hours leading to the end of the campaign! From 6pm-8pm MST tomorrow, I'll be on Instagram to take your questions through our Instagram story. In those final 15 minutes or so I'll just go fully live so you can say hi and hang out with me while we end the campaign!

You can find us at Publishing Goblin | Seven Dane Asmund (@publishinggoblin) | Instagram!

That's 2 hours, starting at 5pm PST, 6pm MST, 7pm CST, 8pm EST.

Poetry? On My Tarot Campaign? It's More Likely than You Think!


So some of you may have noticed the Poetry Goblin add-on popped up, and then didn't disappear! I got my Masters in Poetry in 2015, and have written fiction, poetry, games, and all that for 15+ years now. After the Alleyman's funded, I ran a small project to fund getting some sets of these books together and out into the world. 

Every Day in Love: Love's Dead the complete collection is a 3-book collection in one massive tome. We're talking 599 pages, y'all. It chronicles my 3-way marriage to fictional horror icons Freddy Krueger and Pinhead, and our raising of horror children. It's domestic, it's experimental, it's satirical, it's at times touching and funny. It was a project I started during my masters, and wrapped up in the recent years.

This Map is Just a Suggestion is a selected and edited retrospective of my last 15 years of poetry, and comes in at a whopping 518 pages on its own, and reflects some of my favorite and best works from across a dozen+ previous books. It includes some work from as far back as my teens, and goes all the way up to new things I wrote last year, sandwiched between MRIs of my own brain. (Don't worry, the MRIs ended up not being needed.)

Together, these two books represent a history of my poetic works up till now, as my next book won't be releasing until late this year-- a more reasonable 80 or so pages. I left the add-on up instead of limiting it because poetry is a hard sell for most people, and I'm happy to see it go into as many homes as it may. And if you get signed copies, that's awful nice as well! : )

Oracle of Secrets's(s) final cards!

On last update I suggested people share ideas for the final 3 Oracle of Secrets cards. Any title or archetypes. I have seen a HUGE number of incredible suggestions, and am still accepting ideas until I decide tomorrow. I will then have them commissioned into existence for us!

Okay, see you all tomorrow for the exciting conclusion!


your pub gob

Our Final 48 Hours | The Oracle of Secrets Final Cards... | New Blood
10 months ago – Tue, Jun 13, 2023 at 02:33:46 PM

The Final 48 Hours!

Oh my. Check the previous update for the hints for these last days' wandering tiers. 

We have reached out to the winners of the giveaways, they should be announced on the socials in the near future, but they have all been reached out to!

We have 90 Community Copies unlocked so far, with 127 people Signed Up to get one. A bit back someone asked if we could have an add-on cheaper than the $40 add-on to buy a copy for someone. Fair enough. "Part of a Community Copy" is now a $10 add-on. For every four of that add-on, I'll add another Community Copy to the pool, and yes, I'll be rounding up-- so every single Part matters.

The Oracle of Secrets's(s) final cards

We have coins to get early copies of, cloths to finish, guidebooks to layout and edit and finish-- there's a lot to do in Goblin land! And yet, today, we have little left to share.  According to my spreadsheet, the Oracle of Play has its final 4 bonus cards started (yeah there are 4 instead of 3, I don't know why this happens) but not on contract yet, as does the tarot, but the oracle of secrets has none of its final 3 cards grabbed...

Gee, if only there was something we could do about that.

Please comment below with titles or archetypes for the final 3 Oracle of Secrets cards you'd like to see, and I will gather those up to choose the final 3-- all of which will be commissioned just for the deck. What is a burning secret you think should be represented? And I'll share on Thursday the 3 cards we'll be grabbing. I suppose it's dependent on if we make it to the next stretch goal.... but goodness, I think we just might. :)

New Blood

Okay, disclaimer: This project is not related to ours at all-- and I'm not getting paid for sharing their campaign, or cross promoting, or any of that. I just got shown it and thought it sounded neat, and I like to support other indie creators however I can. Now, generally that's through free consultation on people's kickstarters (within reason!), or throwing in a pledge on their project so all followers of mine see it. This time, just due to circumstances, I'm sharing their stuff entirely. This is abnormal for me, and likely won't be repeated any time soon. I prefer to be a person with y'all, not a company. I don't like marketing generally, and I really hate being a billboard for myself or other people's things.  But they have a big goal, are a queer project, and I want them to succeed. Okay, onward.

New Blood

New Blood by Fen Alankus — Kickstarter

Renowned occult expert Michelle Belanger and "Follow the Woo" podcast host Fen Alankus have teamed up with a crew of film professionals and paranormal investigators to launch two new queer, feminist paranormal TV shows, New Blood and Inhuman Beings. These shows aim to redefine the realm of paranormal TV with their fresh perspectives and inclusive representation.

The team is hosting a Kickstarter Campaign to support the final production, marketing, and distribution stages for one season of each show. New Blood, a long-form docu-series, takes audiences on an unexpected initiatory journey into the mysterious world of Vampirism. Inhuman Beings, an episodic docu-series, challenges conventional paranormal TV by broadening its spectrum of encounters, moving beyond ghosts to explore interactions with aliens, Fae, and other strange entities.

Rewards for their Kickstarter backers include magically imbued Ouija planchettes, Bigfoot T-shirts, Subtle-body portrait readings, Bonus and BTS content, Exec Producer credit, guest spots on their shows, and more! With over 100 hours of original footage already compiled, the entirely queer cast and crew are eager to share their weird adventures and invite others to join them on these compelling journeys into the unknown. Season One of New Blood and Inhuman Beings is set to debut on YouTube in late Fall/Winter of 2023. For more information and to help bring these unprecedented shows to life, visit the Kickstarter page or the official website.

Alright friends, that's all for today! See you again oh so very soon.


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Our Final Days | The Final Cards! | The Last Hints!
11 months ago – Sun, Jun 11, 2023 at 01:37:15 PM

Our Final Days!

We are in the final days now. We end Thursday at 8pm MST, and we have a lot of wandering nonsense happening before then. I just want to take a moment to say thank you again. This was both a smaller and bigger project than I expected! With 20,000 people on the alleyman's, I wasn't sure if we should expect 10,000, 20,000, or 30,000! But as of today we still haven't broken 4,000! 

And yet, we are so incredibly funded. 2nd most funded Oracle project on Kickstarter ever! One way or another, we always show up and show out. Thank you.

Final Cards

New Cards for All Three Decks!

The Star (duplicate) – From Terra Arcanae - The Earth Tarot by Taylor Bryn

Queen of Wands (duplicate) – From The Mystic Soul Tarot by Christina, owner of Moon and Cactus

Punch a Cop – From Crime Spree - the board game by Kaleb Wentzel-Fisher

Visualization – From Growing Oracle Deck by Omyini - Marisabel Nespoli

If you're looking closely, you might notice there are 4 cards above and not 3. I know, really hard to notice, but it's true. That rounds out our 3rd extra card for each deck, but the tarot also gnabbed a 4th bonus card. Did you know that platypus is my favorite animal? I couldn't skip that Star, I'm so excited to own it!

And in getting another Oracle of Play card, somehow I came across Crime Spree, and thought it would be a great entry to emulate the play style of people playing Grand Theft Auto. That Kaleb picked the Punch a Cop card? Well it fits the GTA game more than I realized haha! Thanks to everyone for taking part, we are now up to 207 artists on the project, and artists are working in the background to wrap up the Astrology booster with new pieces and more! Needless to say, there will be plenty to share and reveal even after the campaign finishes funding. Like did you know that Ezra, who did the deck boxes shared in last update, is doing the new guidebook covers as well? Keys, tarot cloths, coins-- so much more to show!

The Last Hints

Now, last time's hints carry through tomorrow. So that means we have:

The 13th. The 14th. The 15th (until 8pm, at least.)

Tuesday, we will be taken care of, a couple Silver spoon in our mouths until they're gone. And-- what's this? There are still 3 Revenges left? Goodness, 449 people and 30,000$ seems so long ago. Practically from our start here. How did we keep these decks for this long-- well anyway I guess they're itching to go.

These shinies are gorgeous, so much so it would be hard to think a rat wouldn't try to snatch it. So let's Add it all to the pile. 

  • 1,2,4,5,6,8,9,10,12,13,14,15,17, 18, 20, 21, 24

Squeak and bone and squeak and bone and squeak, squeak, squeak.

Wednesday, we're to be gremlinized. Poets and Dice Carvers. And among it all, a whiny brat once more. Add it all to the pile.

A goblin,

a good friend to keep near!

One might never know the cheer

of a goblin so deep in revelry,

if one does not

do one's due diligence

to keep his hunger for joy quite sated.

Everything to be added! Stop counting if you haven't. First is Jimmy, then we'll take turns until all the fun is gone. 

Thursday, you knew it would come to pass, He visits himself one last time. Or several. Mostly he'll be looking to welcome in new folks, but I suppose some of his times might be of interest to you who are settled. And racing straight towards him is a wandering moth, adding her things in the pile.

First is he, then is she. Again. Then she is gone. She only adds, but he takes turns.

Before you get too twisted here, I don't like spelling things out or jumbling them up. I only care about numbers.

Alright my dear friends, talk again next week! : )

And as always, all times are MST.


your pub gob

ps I have a date tonight! Going to see the new spiderman movie and very excited. Wish me luck. :P

The Deck Boxes! | Hints! | Imperial Twing Giveaway
11 months ago – Fri, Jun 09, 2023 at 04:59:55 PM

First off, just wanted to note that I idly checked yesterday. We're in 7th place for the most funded tarot kickstarters ever, and 2nd place (!!) for the most funded oracle kickstarters ever. While it would be very fun to claim the #1 slot for oracles, I won't be chasing that dream this time. If we get it, very cool. If not, no worries! : )

The Boxes!

The boxes! Now these are not quite finished, as I will be adding a blurb to the back of the box, but there they are! Now, in each box, we will have an insert as well to hold the deck of cards and have the guidebook rest on top of the cards. I've noted it before, but this is your reminder that these boxes are larger than the Alleyman's, because the guidebook will fit inside the box with the deck!

The Alleyway Tarot Box!
The Oracle of Play Box!
The Oracle of Secrets Box!
The Boxes!

Thanks to New Titan Print for whipping these up into models for us. And in the Oracle of Play, we will have a tray inside that can slide out with the deck and book, so it will be very like a construction set box. I'm pretty excited about these!

HINTS! Or... Tells?

In order now, we have our oracles three for their final, long visits. 

Play. Secret. Alley.

10th. 11th. 12th.

Now they give up everything. Look for them everywhere, tier and add-on alike. 

  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12
  • 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12
  • 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
  • 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11
  • 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12
  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12

Imperial Twing Art Print Giveaway

And from our friends with the Imperial Twing game, who have 2 cards in the Oracle of Play!

"Imperial Twing Giveaway

Sorceress of the Picturesque Flowerpot

As we count down to the official launch of Imperial Twing on Kickstarter on the 5th September, the team at Imperial Games GmbH is offering our followers some fantastic giveaways - starting with a limited edition, signed, A3 art print of our very own Sorceress!
Starting at 12pm (noon) today, you can collect entries by engaging with our social media pages and sharing the project with others:
The artwork from this card is also featured in the fabulous Alleyway Oracles tarot card project, which you can back on Kickstarter here:
Sorceress of the Picturesque Flowerpot Limited Edition Character Art Print
Limited edition (numbered 25 / 25) A3 fine art print of one of the four Imperial Twing Characters, the Sorceress of the Picturesque Flowerpot.
VALUE CHF 285.00 (EUR 294.00)
Print is numbered and personally signed by:
– The Imperial Illustrator (Marius Dihr)
– The Emperor
– The Archmage
**Free delivery worldwide included in this prize."

Thanks yall, talk again very soon,


New Cards | Box Previews!
11 months ago – Wed, Jun 07, 2023 at 03:24:34 PM

New Cards for the Decks!

We have a new World being added to the Alleyway Tarot from the Emerald Tarot! I love the clean simplicity of it, while also featuring so many details and lines to keep interest. Heather Flowers joins the Oracle of Play with a tribute to her iconic game which led to sequels and TTRPGs, Extreme Meatpunks Forever! A game where you are queer and punch nazis, timely as ever! And Protective is joining the Oracle of Secrets from Therena Carlin's Empowered Goddess Oracle, which is live now! A lovely photography deck of the feminine divine.

The World (duplicate) – From The Emerald Tarot by Ritual Divination

Extreme Meatpunks Forever – From The Official Bloodfuck Glacier "Brad Ultrabrad Experience" Tour Promotional Tarot Deck (Unsigned, worth $0.50 to collectors) by Heather Flowers

Protective – From Empowered Goddess Oracle by Therena Carlin

There are 3 more cards to share-- one from each deck-- to account for the 3 bonus cards in each deck. They are selected, just waiting on contracts and card files. So you can likely expect them sooner than later. And what's that? Oh yes, I have some of the next 3 for each deck lined up as well, for when we make it to the $625,000 goal, which I still believe is possible.

The Deck Box Previews

The deck boxes for each of the 3 decks are unique from one another.  The Alleyway Tarot comes in a magnetic flip open box that looks like an old moldering tome about werewolves, the Oracle of Play comes in a large tuckbox modeled after a vintage lego box, and the Oracle of Secrets comes in a 2-piece, old perfume box with a holographic band at its joining. Watch the video and Ill show you what some of the boxes will be like!

Ezra K., who did the visual design on the Oracle Dice guidebook, cloth, and Lords Cards came in to design these boxes, and by Friday I should have 3-d mockups of the boxes to share in their entirety! A reminder that this time around, the deck boxes will be larger and the guidebooks smaller so the deck and guide fit together in one box.

Coins and Cloth

My 4 coin designs had a hiccup, as my 4th coin design was denied by the manufacturer haha. I got too wild with it, it seems. But the arcade token and 2 of the 3 coins from the Des Moines add-on bag are moving forward with the manufacturer to get copies made. I will be sharing the Des Moines bag's coins very soon, but I suppose I will need to do something about that last coin.

The Tarot Cloth is being made to emulate a blue auto-shop rag (scaled up to 18x18"), drawn on with sharpie to create reading grid options. I'm still drafting that up, but should have it to share before we wrap the campaign! I want it to feel real, but also not so ugly that you wouldn't want to use it! It'll be the same material we used on the oracle dice reading cloth, so a nice soft velvety feel.

See you Friday with more clues for the weekend and on!


your pub gob