The Alleyway Oracles

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The Alleyman returns with THREE brand new decks as one-time printings: the Alleyway Tarot, Oracle of Secrets, and Oracle of Play.

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Shipping Container On Board ! | Final Hours of the Alleyman Pin Sets!
5 days ago – Thu, Apr 18, 2024 at 10:54:22 AM

Hello my dear friends,

Shipping Container Heading to the US!

I like to let you know what's happening, when it happens. So be ready for some repeated, small updates over the next 30 days or so. 

"Our container was picked up by the forwarder yesterday (April 17), a few days later than booked: cargo got rolled due to canceled voyages because weak exporting demand in China. Currently, ETA to the Port is May 10."

Just got this from New Titan, and it means we are witnessing the movement of the decks!! We got rolled over from ship to ship unfortunately and that means our estimated arrival time in the states in May 10th. We are moving pallets around in the states, some will be heading straight to the warehouse in the port city, and two others will be heading to the other corners of the states. This means we can expect backers in the states to get their items in May!

And the fact that our packages are now in motion on the ocean, that means that international packages are now being sent out straight from China! Stay tuned on that one, more to share as I hear it.

The Final Hours of the Alleyman Pin Sets

There is a LOT on this pin set project! A lot more than I intended at launch, at least.

You can back for just the Alleyman, or the Alleyman's Tarot logo enamel pin, which is now on the project. Or you can put down $70 and back all the new pins from the project, or $100 for all that PLUS the Zoetrope, What We Possess, and Take Me to the Dark pin sets!

There's the Alleyman pin, the Alleyway Oracle pin, the 3 death pin set, the Sun-Moon-Star 3 pin set, the Alleyman's Tarot pin, a new standalone Justice card pin, and a 3-pin set that I shared my early work designs on the project, and now here as well! 

Join me on the page over there from 1-2 PM MST (Noon-1 PST, 2-3 CST, 3-4 EST) for an hour livestream as it comes to an end!

The Final 3 Pin Set, in progress designs for the Bogeyman, The Final Tarot Card, and the Queen of Bombs!

Alright talk again soon when I get my package of Alleyway Oracle goodies to share!


The Upcoming Shipping | Product Photos | The Alleymans Pins | The Hot Housewives Tarot?!
14 days ago – Tue, Apr 09, 2024 at 02:08:54 PM


The Upcoming Shipping

A few people missed last update, so want to remind people of the current shipping schedule:

US, Canada, and Mexico orders are being packed into a shipping container to head over to the US as we speak. Mid April they will begin their journey here to then go into the USPS system and get sent out when they arrive end of April/early May. 

International orders will begin going out directly from China once the shipping container hits the high seas for the US. Because we have a much smaller set of international orders this time around than with the Alleymans Tarot, we should see these go out fairly quickly end of April.

You will receive an automatic email to your kickstarter-related email address with tracking when it becomes relevant to you. 

If I share an update that items are shipping and you haven't seen a tracking email, or if you got your Alleyman items early and anything was missing, drop a line to New Titan: [email protected]

They will also be the ones sending you the tracking notice when the items are in the mail! :)

Product Photos!

Okay okay, maybe there are some product photos. These are from the manufacturer directly, I don't have a set of anything in hand yet. It's on the way, but taking its time.

(Not sure why the Oracle of Secrets' Guide is in both photos there. Asking for a photo of the proper guide!)

We've got eyes on the decks, the boosters, the miniatures, the dice, and the huge Alleyman statue! I'm so in love with the statue my friends, I can't wait to have them in hand. My understanding is that the wooden boxes have had some trials with different manufacturers, and while the problems settled down, it will still be another month or so before those are done. I already shared that those are shipping separate on our dime, so no worries. You'll still get all the other stuff on the current schedule.

The Alleyman's Pins

If you somehow missed this one, the Alleyman's Tarot has a pin set live on Backerkit right now! You can back it here and get to the latest update to vote on which of the Alleyway Oracle poses we are going to use for the Oracle Pin!

Which of these would you love as a pin? The project also now features an Alleyman's Tarot pin, as well as full pledge tiers that grab you all the pins available on the project for $70, or all those plus the latest sets from the games projects for $100!

The Hot Housewives Tarot

And yes, in June I will be launching, just a week before my birthday, the Hot Housewives (early bird) project here on Kickstarter. You'll be able to see it here.

This project will be both a cheaper way to get the deck when it eventually releases and an experience. Your pledge will directly fund me taking time to research and work on the deck! And in weekly updates, I will share progress, what my research has put together, card entries from the guidebook, and the cards themselves! We will be diving into 50s Americana, Fascism, xenophobia, nuclear terrors, arcane symbology, and the subversion of all these things into a full, usable tarot deck! And you'll have space in the updates to share your thoughts, make suggestions, and generally see what it takes to get a project like this from start to completion.

If you loved the Queen of Bombs, this is how we find her a home in a full deck together. Then a year or so after it's done, a followup release project of some kind will go up so others can join in its first printing, but they'll pay full price. So for supporting the process to get it ready for print, you'll get a discount AND get to see the process as it unfolds. 

That's all for today friends, we are very close to having these in hand! Less than a month for most people! Can't wait!!


your Pub Gob

Charging Again Tomorrow! | Folding a few of you into Wave 1
26 days ago – Thu, Mar 28, 2024 at 10:00:05 AM


I am charging anyone missed or failed for shipping one more time tomorrow. I've been told packing and loading of the cargo ship will be done closer to the mid of April, as it's a big task with all of our amazing items. It's ongoing though, and it means we will see packages arriving in the US/Canada in the first weeks of May. Anyone who got ZOETROPE or What We Possess, should have an exciting May and June then as all the Pub Gob Goodies arrive!

Because it's a long process, and I see just 40 or so people who are all ready now but will have to wait for Wave 2, I'm going to go ahead and get those added into the pile now. I will be assigning shipping costs to you shortly, and then charging likely next week.

That means the ONLY people who will be in Wave 2 now are those 300~ that haven't done their surveys at all yet, or who never paid for their pledges.

Also, we just launched From the Alley: The Alleyman Pinset over on Pintopia with Backerkit!

This is the first From the Alley project to come, with others being the Hot Housewives Deck (with the Queen of Bombs!), one to properly fund the 2nd season of the Alleyman Podcast, and others! 

On Pintopia with Backerkit, we are one of 100+ enamel pin projects launching at the moment, and we have a partner project with Aimee Cozzas dark fantasy Hunted pin project! If you back both of us , you will get a free pin from each of us that was collaboratively made! Check our projects to see what those pins are.

Alright friends,

Talk very soon,


your pub gob

What Next? | Failed Charge? | Second Wave
about 1 month ago – Mon, Mar 18, 2024 at 06:51:08 PM


First, just a reminder that if you had shipping charged on your order, it's already being packed and labeled, and it is too late to change your shipping address. We can't make exceptions. Please set up mail fowarding if possible, set something up with the people in your old address, or be prepared to re-pay shipping if it is sent back to us. 

If you HAVEN'T had shipping applied or charged on your order, you can still update your address because you'll be in wave 2 of shipping. Just go into Backerkit and adjust it, or ask Backerkit support if you need help.

Failed Charges?

On Friday, I charged shipping for everyone who had a shipping amount on their order. For people who had their card fail for any reason, we will try again this Friday. I received around 50 emails over the weekend of people panicking and reaching out about their card failing. Sorry for the silence, but I don't work on weekends. We will re-attempt then, so be prepared and all. :)

Never Did Survey?

For people who didn't get shipping amounts on their pledges, it's likely because you didn't fill out your survey. I regularly send reminder emails about your survey, including right this moment. Please check spam filters or promotion filters for those, or go to BackerKit Pledge Manager for The Alleyway Oracles to get it re-sent your way. If you don't feel like you're finding your survey and never did it/didn't just get charged shipping, reach out to me at [email protected] or to Backerkit Support for help.

When Will the Second Wave Go Out?

For anyone who got their surveys done after the March 1st/7th deadline (I kept making exceptions), once we get the first wave of items packed and moving, we will then have 30 days for backers to get their orders, surveys complete, and shipping added to their pledge and charged. This will be an ongoing process the full 30 days, and means the second wave of pledges will go out sporadically during that time, and a little after as we process people who get their stuff in during the final moments.

Once that 30 day period is finished though, this campaign will be put to bed and all other pledges will be forfeit. That just means if you never did your survey, now is the time to do it.

The Second Wave will not start getting shipping added to it, charged, or be packed until the first wave of items is out the door. At the moment, that's likely to be start of April or thereabouts. So hold tight if you missed the deadlines, we'll get started on your orders in April.

Alright friends, that's all for now! Talk again soon when I can share my package of goodies, and not too much longer after that, you'll all be able to do the same! : )



Shipping Charges Added to Backerkit! | VAT+Taxes ARE part of the charge | Will Charge the Shipping Friday!
about 1 month ago – Wed, Mar 13, 2024 at 04:53:30 PM

Hello Alleyfolk!

Shipping charges have now been added to your surveys over on Backerkit. As noted in the previous update, I will be charging these on Friday.

I was not at home today when I found out I had to combine VAT/taxes with the shipping, so I wasn't able to let you all know before they went out that the price being shown includes taxes and VAT, or anything fees your country may charge for shipping. So yes, especially for my Australia and Europe people, the charge includes fees, taxes, VAT, etc.

Shipping Totals Seem Off?

First, do want to note that you are only being charged the new shipping price. Some people are a bit confused about the total on Backerkit, and mistakenly seeing what they've already paid (in parentheses above the charge) and thinking they now owe that much as well.

I will respond to all the emails I've received about re-checking prices tomorrow, but we made the charges based on your orders package, the cost of the shipping, plus the money for picking and packing your package, which was a few dollars or so, based on how many items were in your order. So I can generally assure you it is indeed correct! But I will check tomorrow with fringe cases. We can make mistakes, so it's worth checking if you're unsure, but generally speaking we are charging what it costs to ship, plus just a dollar or two to pick and pack/packing materials.

Addresses Hard Locked

It is also too late at this point to change your address. Our original lock date was March 1st, I put out an update in the first week of March to let people know it was now locking a few days late, and in the last update did note that we will reach the end of the time that I can make exceptions. That time is now!

For people who already got me their email today about changing shipping, I will honor that tomorrow and send it to the fulfillment team. But that's all for now.

That means you will need to put mail forwarding in place in April into May if you do move or didn't get your address in on time. We will honor re-shipping if packages return to us, but you will have to pay for the reshipping if it is being reshipped because you moved and/or didn't get us an updated address. Of course, if we make a mistake, we'll take care of it on our dime though.

Also, I've had a number of people reaching out to me about their cards being out of date, and wanting to get me updated card information. You cannot give me your credit card information. Please update them with the websites that are charging you, Kickstarter and Backerkit. Log on to those sites and update your payment method with them. Thanks!

That's all for today! Talk again soon when charges are made, when packages start moving out, and when I get my goodies package featuring all the amazing items!!


your pub gob