The Alleyway Oracles

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The Alleyman returns with THREE brand new decks as one-time printings: the Alleyway Tarot, Oracle of Secrets, and Oracle of Play.

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Small Victory! | Files all sent in
5 months ago – Thu, Nov 30, 2023 at 02:36:27 PM

Hello friends!

I said I would put out an update when I get all my work done on the guidebooks. And today is that day, they have been exported and sent in to the printer. Unfortunately I also have COVID and feel like garbage. So some wins, some losses.

In other news, the final couple hours of What We Possess are happening right now here on Kickstarter, so if you wanted to get the cool ghost story-telling game, now is the time!

Otherwise, sets of the Oracle Dice will be available at PaxUnplugged at one of the Hit Point Press booths this weekend, if you happen to be in Philly or at PaxU. I won't be, on account of the illness. 

Will ping again next month to let you know the more formal timeline now that we should be on manufacturing from here out. Got some other stuff to share, but I'll do that next time in a longer, formal update. Alright friends, see you for now!


(Almost) On Schedule! | Some Participant's Projects!
5 months ago – Thu, Nov 16, 2023 at 10:44:02 AM

Hello alleyfolk,

Almost On Schedule

By my schedule, I should have things moving right now, right? Well, I almost do. 

First off, say hello to our Tarot Cloth! This cloth will be on the same soft fabric we had on the Oracle Dice's reading cloth, which is so wonderful and plush. You get the cloth in the Des Moines Findings add-on bag.

Our Tarot Cloth

Oh, and not just the cloth, you also get a metal moth charm, some fake teeth (?!), and oh yes, there are three coins. I wanted to wait until I had samples in hand to share them, but I figure while we're waiting...

The Coins!

The coins are a TV and Cash Register, which I thought would be weird and fun, a fantasy coin with cutouts and clean designs, and then a Sun/Moon coin. The Moon side features a lobster, which is important to your Moon tarot cards of course, and the Sun side has a Sunflower in the radiant rays. 

The TV Coin will be in antique copper, the Fantasy Coin in Antique Brass, and the Sun/Moon will be in Antique Nickle plating. 

The Platings!

If you need to pop over and add the Des Moines Findings add-on bag to your order, ping Backerkit support today and get it added! You'll be running out of chances here soon, as I move to shut down pre-orders and lock people's orders for good in December. So if you have friends who wanted decks or items, get them over to the pre-order page now and get that done!

What was I supposed to be talking about? Oh yeah, the schedule!

By the end of today, I should have the print files to the manufacturers for everything but the guidebooks. This was supposed to happen yesterday, but it's been a little harder than I thought to get it all lined up. But a day late is better than a week or month. All I'm waiting on right now are 3 cards final files from people.

My work today is finishing the backs for my Alleyman collage card in the Podcast Booster and the Transgression card back for that same booster, and the Blanks Booster's card backs. So lots of card backs. Otherwise I just need to export my deck documents the way my printer prefers them. That's all very doable today.

And finally, by the 25th, my last duty is to turn in the guidebook inner page contents. This one might be a day or two late as well, it might be more of a lift than I can handle all at once. But I'll do my best!

I was going to post this update on the 26th, ostensibly when all my work on this is done, but I realized I'm leaving a couple projects by participants in this project in the dark if I do that! So here we are. 

Participant's Projects!

The Bohemian Oracle

First off, we have just 48 hours left on the Bohemian Oracle by Bohemian Dragon. Their "NO!" card is featured in the Oracle of Secrets. Consider heading over and pledging to help reach that goal. It's just $7,300, I'm sure with some attention it can be reached!

Onyx & Rosa

Next, from the Coming Out (Death) card in the Alleyway Tarot, we have a connected Sex Positive film from the awesome people behind that tarot.

Onyx & Rosa, a Sex Positive Tarot film.

Animations by ROBOTINA.It is an Italian-German co-production, born out of the partnership between Diego Tigrotto and Jorge theObscene, and will be shot in Berlin next spring.
The short film will tell the story of Onyx's journey into the world of Tarot and conscious sexuality, who will receive reading from the tarologist Rosa.
In order to keep us away from market logic and not to compromise on free expression, the project aims to be funded through the support of our networks.
That's why we started this campaign on Kickstarter.

Just like the Sex Positive Tarot, this will be a collaborative project, produced and directed by personalities from the Independent P*rn Film Festivals and Sex Positive Movement Circuit. It will be a non explicit movie, to be accessible to everyone, but we will include extra scenes for other audiences.
Starring Jamal Phoenix & Bishop Black;
Directed by Ben Berlin,Pina Brutal,Puck Ellingtonand JorgeTheObscene;
Produced by Diego Tigrotto and JorgeTheObscene;
in collaboration with Roxy Nova, Silvia Procopio aka Prox and Domiziana de Fulvio.
Graphic Design and Social Media:Syrtha, Massimo di Feliceand Lao B.
Nail artist Texto Dallas

Okay friends, that's all for now! See you at the end of the month,


your Pub Gob

October Update | Happy Halloween! | Our Timeline
6 months ago – Tue, Oct 31, 2023 at 02:43:46 PM

Hello dear alley friends,

Merry Samhain to All

Today is Halloween, so happy Samhain to all those who celebrate.

This has been a super busy month for your local Goblin. I've been to Big Bad Con, Phoenix Fire Festival's Autumn Meet, and Florida Pagan Gathering's Autumn Meet! I launched the new What We Possess project just yesterday, and it's funded already. Looking to jump forward into stretch goals now. If you've missed it, you can find it here!

What We Possess - Ghostly Storytelling

And for funsies, I saw the new Five Nights at Freddy's movie last night. I'm a big fan of the series, games, books, etc, and have been trying to secure licensing rights to make the official TTRPG and more, so it was a lovely time.

The Timeline

While I was in Florida last week for the Florida Pagan Gathering, I received the email from my manufacturer I knew was coming. The "If we want to make our timeline..." email, with due dates. I love to be transparent, so let's share!

  • "We are approaching year end (about two months) and Chinese New Year is Feb 10, 2024. If we are targeting March/April fulfillment (US fulfillment), we need to ship out before January 25 or so. We need to set aside about 15 days for picking, packing and labeling. That being said, we'd better complete production before January 10. Printed products seem straightforward: if we can start mass production before December 1, we should have enough time. Regarding other sourced items, some might take much longer, for instance, the wood boxes."

Sounds clear to me! 

So I am drawing up the final manufacturing numbers today. Preorders will stay up until the end of the year, but I am locking in the final numbers for what's being made overall. Learning our lesson from the Alleyman's Tarot, we're not going to order as many extra as we did there. It should be a reasonable number that could, by the end of 2024, really be all gone. For example, there were 4,600+ Alleyway Tarot sets ordered. I'm going to have just under 1000 extra made. Talking with New Titan about what will be best, or what they might want to go in on ordering extra, but we'll set it in stone in the next week or so. 

So if there are any fancy items, especially like the 3-deck wooden box or the 8" Alleyman statues, that you wanted to get, NOW is the time to lock in and adjust your orders. If you reach out to me either on here or [email protected], I can unlock your order. Otherwise, reach out to Backerkit support in your survey and they can help you add items after you are locked in.

My Checklist of To Dos

Full transparency again is my favorite.

So I need to

  • Finalize deck files, gnabbing a couple card image changes on the way.
  • Finalize and edit the guidebooks, folding in the artist's comments and questions.
  • (mostly this looks like finishing card entries for the Oracle of Play, editing all 3, and getting intros written for each book.)
  • Add text blurbs to the backs of the deck boxes.
  • Nab one final card for the Astrology Booster (it's being worked on, just hasn't been completed.)
  • Get finalized tarot cloth, then Des Moines Findings bag is ready to go.
  • Finalize packaging for Booster Packs! 

Things that are ready to go:

  • Art Prints
  • Podcast Booster
  • Blank Booster
  • 3-Deck Wood Box
  • Alleyman Statues
  • Alleyman Tarot and Oracle Dice sets (obviously!)
  • Tulsa Collection & Longview Satchel

I'm pitching that I can have these things to them by November 15th, with the exception being the Guidebooks which I'll have to them by November 25th. If this happens, we could still hit March/April for US shipping, with international items leaving earlier from China, but likely arriving in that same April area. I do think that this timeline is a bit tight, and to account for issues, we may see a delay into April/May as being more likely, but a month delay isn't bad.

As always, I will do my monthly update in November to let you all know if this is on track, or if anything is still being worked on. There also exists the possibility that I get things done in time on my end and manufacturing hits a snafu, so we will see.

When we're done... The Normal Tarot 3rd Edition!

And the next decks are always being worked on. As is tradition for an industrious little goblin! The Normal Tarot's 3rd (and final) edition is being illustrated by Ezra Kimbell, our good friend who handled work on the deck boxes and guidebooks for this campaign, the reading mat and lords and guide cover for the oracle dice, and more! The new deck is already shaping up to blow me away, and the guidebook for this edition will feature the art of all 3 editions, so it can be used freely among the decks!

The Normal Tarot's 3rd Edition

The Normal Tarot is a 99-card, very abnormal deck, featuring seasons in place of suits, a trio of knights guarding the Lady, Queen, and Mother in place of courts, and a totally reimagined Major Arcana with Omens, Ladies, Books, Kings, and Moons.

We will also take this opportunity to celebrate the final edition of the Normal Tarot by reprinting the 2nd Edition in Gold and Silver foils, as well as the original edition!

The Normal Tarot 2nd Edition | Gold and Silver

So while it won't be for a while yet, feel free to let us know if you're interested by following along now! It's certain launch date will be shared when we have begun to ship out the Alleyway Oracles. So for now, just know it's coming early-mid 2024!

Alright friends, that's all for now! Next update should be the final update when things are still in my hands, and from there it will be up to the manufacturers to take the reins.


7da, your Pub Gob

We're Still on Track for Next Year | Accidental Mass Update
7 months ago – Thu, Oct 05, 2023 at 12:03:26 PM

Hello my dears!

It's been just a week or two since the lastest update. But I just went to my board game project New Avernus on Backerkit and put out a cutoff update for people to let me know if their items never arrived, and to promote the new Take Me to the Dark campaign. New Avernus was my first forray back into games as a publisher since I got bigger, and I wanted to let them know I have a new games project.

And not thinking, I saw the option to send the update to my whole mailing list, and thought that sounded great. Get more eyes on Take Me to the Dark. Eesh, silly mistake!

A number of you are emailing me, concerned about where your items are, or why we're suddenly at a cut-off for the Oracles project when we aren't even shipping. I am assuming it did not say it came from New Avernus. That's my bad, and my apologies! The email about the cut-off is only for New Avernus, the board game.

We're not even manufacturing yet on this project, let alone shipping. I will update at the end of the month like always to keep you up to date on progress for this project. We should still be on for shipping in March or so in 2024.


Take Me to the Dark

Take Me to the Dark

But I'd be remiss to not at least use this moment to plug that Take Me to the Dark is now live! So if you like backing Pub Gob projects, you can drop $5 on there if you don't need a new game, or there are 3 amazing new games to be explored and discovered over on that project. 

Okay, shameless plug over! Thanks everyone, and sorry for sparking confusion for people!


your pub gob

Hello Alleyway Backers! September Update
7 months ago – Thu, Sep 28, 2023 at 09:40:52 AM

Hello lovelies!

We are about a month from the last update (maybe a month exactly?). No video update this time, as I'm sitting in a hotel lobby and that might be a little rude to do. Not sure what the etiquette is there.

First thing's first, an update on where we are:

The Guidebooks

The Alleyway Tarot's card entries have been given to the artists to check over. The Oracle of Secrets is about to go out to them today to check over as I finish the last few card entries here at the hotel. The Oracle of Play will be another week or so to get finished and sent out to them to check. I've saved it for last because I get to be more prose-y with the entries in that book, telling small stories as part of sharing the card's meanings, and I'm ready to be a bit looser in that way. There will still be a short-form meaning entry at the top of each page, so don't worry about the full page being a bit more open.

This doesn't mean the books are done yet though, I still have some forwards to write and some post-card-entries elements to include, but they are close. The hardest lift was the card entries, and those will be done here in the next week as I get the Oracle of Play to artists, so that's worth a celebration! I know I certainly am, it was the part I was struggling with the most.

I am sitting with an artist today to discuss the tarot cloth and probably get stuff drawn up on the fly for sketches, so the finalizing can happen hopefully also this weekend for that design. 

And that's it! I should still have most of the things finished before the 3rd of October, but there will undoubtedly be some overlap into the launch of the new project. So it goes!

With that in mind, I would be remiss to not mention Take Me to the Dark, launching on the 3rd. But first, I'm much more excited to share a Kickstarter from a project tied to this one itself!

The Fablemaker's Deck of Many Things

Hit Point Press is launching, on October 3rd at the same time as Take Me to the Dark, their Fablemaker's Deck of Many Things! Illustrated by the Eisner award-nominated artist Yoshi Yoshitani, the deck features 46 foil cards in full color and monochrome variants, as well as an oracle guidebook with new effects for 5e games, and the Jester card included in the Oracle of Play is from this deck. I was sent some sample cards and I wish I'd brought them along to include photos or gifs, they are STUNNING and beautifully foiled.

Every card features shining foil accents, and the accompanying booklet guides the user through oracle divination as well as using the deck in 5e.

A spread of the beautiful cards
And our Jester, in all its super foiled gorgeousness!

Hit Point Press has been very good to our project. They gave us the Jester AND a precious White Dragon card for the Oracle of Play, as well as a Judgment in the boosters of the previous project from their animated tarot, AND their in-house 3d artist did the Alleyman miniature design that is also being used for the Alleyman statue, AND they are sharing some booth space with Pub Gob at PaxUnplugged at the end of the year. So when they asked if I could share, it was a no brainer. 

I know it had taken them some time to get the Animated Tarot out there, but I just got a copy and it is truly incredible. I gasped at some of the animations on the cards. They were so alive, and having seen the wild foiling on this new deck, I think it's so worth looking at. 

You can signup to be notified of their launch here!

Take Me to the Dark

And of course, on October 3rd at the same time, Take Me to the Dark is launching here on Kickstarter, as part of Witchstarter. 

Take Me to the Dark
With a card-based roleplaying system, you'll be relying on cards in new ways for your gaming. They may determine what actions you can take, help create a new scenario, or act in the place of dice rolls, giving your actions tangible and visual weight.
Roleplaying with Cards
Time Travel Shenanigans. In Zoetrope: Death Didn't Take, you play as rent-a-cop time patrol agents. You have a limited supply of accepted actions, gear, and weapons to get your mission done without ruining the timeline. Make a mistake? Rewind and try again till you get it right.
Urban fantasy and luck. In Secret Halls, you're a mortal with magic given to you by Lady Luck herself, conjuring poker cards to your hand, looking for the right combinations to cast your spells 1993 Chicago in neon light and leather, the city night is dangerous, but so are you.
Secret Halls
Dead and Forgotten. In What We Possess, take ownership over the scene as the living and the dead reach across the veil and connect. Why are your ghosts still here? And can you complete your final actions before you're taken by the whispers beyond the walls...?
What We Possess

And with that, I'm back to finishing the entries in the Oracle of Secrets for this morning! I won't be dropping another update when we launch the new project, but I will send out a Newsletter for those who want to stay up to date on new projects. Trying to stop using updates on campaigns as a method of letting people know about those things, and focus that more on the newsletters. A win-win for people who dont want to see that in updates so often and for those who want to follow all my projects to have a space to do so.

Thanks everybody, talk again in October,


your Publishing Goblin